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Search starts, of course, with crawling and indexing, and Google says that the web now has 30 trillion unique individual pages. That up an astonishing 30 times in five years: Google reported in 2008 that the web had just one trillion pages [reference]

Don't get lost in the mix! Let us help you match up with the right people who are searching for your product, service or topic of interest right now. The secret is in the content, not in the hype!

Remember, we will include the primary 'Competitor Back Link Report' ($40 value), where you will be able to determine which places to get your back links from first, for the best impact on Search Engine Rankings.

About Your Website

What you may not know now - but should

1How many coding errors does your website have?
2How many spelling errors does your website have?
3Do your meta tags match your H1 and H2 tags?
4How many 'dead' links do you have?
5How many 'back links' do you have and what is their LIS?
6Does Google, Yahoo & Bing know who you are?
7What are your best keywords for your website topic?
8What are your competitors doing to be on top?
9How much 'Uptime' does your website have, 100%?
10Can spiders 'crawl' your website?
11What 'topics' are your website associated with?
12What is the overall performance of your website?

What to do with your SEO Site Audit

1Remove errors from your web pages to rank better
2Find the best keywords for your website
3Optimize your web pages for relevant keywords
4Analyze the links that point to your site
5Improve the links that point to your site
6Check rankings on Google, Google Mobile, Bing & Yahoo
7Monitor the uptime of your website
8Analyze the Google Ads campaigns of your competitors
9Analyze the SEO campaigns of your competitors
10Analyze social media
11Analyze your website visitors
12Create impressive reports for your boss and your clients

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